Demand Generation B2B Funnels Are Like Women: You MUST Try To Understand Them

Posted by George Irish on June 4, 2015


Smart CMOs are never content with the status quo. They are constantly striving to increase productivity of their team's marketing initiatives and generate qualified B2B leads.

In order to continually improve the marketing strategy, CMOs must be knowledgeable about a multitude of factors making up the marketing plan. One of the critical factors to understand is the demand generation B2B plan.

Comprehensively understanding demand funnels can boost your entire marketing effort.

Let's dig in and see how well you understand demand funnels.

Question 1: Is each stage of your funnel clearly defined? Clearly defined stages can address the reader's pain points, and hopefully move them through the process. A demand funnel that includes poorly defined stages will not generate qualified B2B leads as effectively.

Question 2: Do all members of marketing and sales understand their roles in each stage? The last thing you want to hear during a demand generation B2B initiative is "well, I thought (insert other name here) was supposed to handle that part." If the funnel is going to achieve quality results, it's critical all participants be aware of and fully understand the roles they play.

Question 3: Are the lead paths properly laid out? If the scoring system is not adequately routing leads, the demand generation B2B strategy will fail to produce the optimum results. Integrating a relevant lead scoring system into the demand funnel will direct the leads down the best suited paths.

Question 4: Do you consistently measure the results? To generate qualified B2B leads, marketers must define what works and what misses the mark. Generate analytical reports and review them closely. Only by strategically measuring the results can you create a plan that will perform to the highest standard.

Question 5: Have you implemented a concise nurturing stage? Your demand generation B2B strategy will go downhill fast if the nurturing portion of the demand funnel is neglected. Why go to all the trouble of attracting these leads just to let them wither on the vine? There are many reasons why the initial campaign may not have successfully converted them, but that's no reason to hang it up and forget about them. Design a powerful nurturing plan by ensuring it lines up with the buyer's journey, and integrates with the lead scoring system that is in place.

If your answer to any of these questions is NO, you should work on your demand funnels. Consulting a professional inbound marketing agency will assist you in establishing lead funnels that generate qualified B2B leads, and then turn them into happy customers!

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