Don't Derail Your Marketing Initiatives By Choosing to Suspend HubSpot!

Posted by George Irish on August 20, 2015


Your company decided to invest in HubSpot. Maybe your goal was to attract more website traffic, convert more leads, create content more consistently, or a combination of all of these objectives.

And it hasn't worked out well.

The monthly commitment HubSpot requires is time consuming and involved. Your team has experienced difficulty measuring results and just doesn't see the ROI you expected.

While it may seem like a smart marketing move to 

suspend HubSpot and look for another way to accomplish your marketing goals, doing so would be disastrous to your long-term marketing objective. Before you pull the plug, consider these points as to why you have not met with success.

The marketing team may not have devoted proper time to training. With a dozen other projects and objectives, it's possible the team members failed to understand and utilize HubSpot to its capacity. If this happened, hiring a professional B2B marketing agency to handle it for you is a good move. This way your team has time for their other work, but the inbound campaigns still get executed.

Buyer personas were not profiled correctly, or at all.These are the building blocks of the entire success of inbound marketing. If they were not fleshed out enough, or merely guessed at, this is an area to circle back around to before you suspend HubSpot.

Committment to a content plan could be lacking. Producing content inconsistently is a main reason inbound marketing initiatives fail. This is a large part of the monthly commitment Hubspot requires. If your staff is already working at capacity, a marketing agency can handle content planning and creation.

Analytics were ignored. Marketing analytics are pricelessly important for marketing. Hubspot offers a robust array of figures and percentages that keep inbound plans progressing. If these were ignored or not consistently reviewed, the marketing team failed to use Hubspot effectively to build their audience. It may be time to turn the process over to an outside agency.

The monthly commitment HubSpot asks of marketing is ample, but the possible ROI is even more so, if the platform is properly utilized. If your team doesn't have time to manage your inbound marketing objectives, don't suspend HubSpot. Choose an experienced inbound marketing agency to handle the responsibility, which will give you a killer inbound marketing plan, and keep staff on other important endeavors.

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Generate Qualified B2B Leads
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