Essential Banking Website Features to Increase & Prove ROI

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on June 3, 2016

Banking in the digital age is becoming a convenience that travels with customers wherever they go. Banking websites need to offer versatility and ease of use as their standards. Loyal customers as well as new prospective customers may not physically step inside a bank for months, yet they visit the bank's website regularly for a variety of transactions, services, and information. The professional lay-out of a banking website can attract initial visitors, keep their attention, and secure loyal customers. There are three key components to a banking website to assure smooth accessibility and customer satisfaction. They are:

Responsive Design
Because the internet can be accessed from all types of devices, it's important that your banking website do the same. Customers use laptops, phones, and tablets to maneuver through many aspects of their lives. Your banking website needs to be accommodating not only to computers, but also the countless customers using their phones to access your website. By not having a responsive design, you are missing an opportunity from the growing number of potential customers. Not only must the website function for phones, but more and more people are relying on texting instead of email for electronic contact with businesses and family.


Well Organized with Easy to Use Navigation
The navigation menus prove how versatile your website actually is. Do the menu items make sense and are they easy to find? Or do they take the customer to unfinished pages or broken links? Can customers easily sign in, view their statements, and request further information? Test the navigation on your website and see it from the point of view of your next customer.

Specific Calls to Action that Help Customers Make Contact
Banking websites that go above and beyond the standard also provide financial tools that assist customers with financial planning. This can include useful articles and tools for keeping a healthy budget, planning for a vacation, or calculating a mortgage. Each article includes contact information for bank specialists who can offer further information.

Finally, the details that affect the visual effect of your banking website can include the color, arrangement of images, and the fonts. Keep these details fairly simple, but look for unique ways of applying them that make your website more memorable. Customers appreciate a banking website that has a personable touch to it.

Banking website features are essential when maintaining existing customers and attracting potential customers. Having a website that is easy to navigate helps you serve your customers better and provides them with a better experience. Including features that ensure access from different devices, simple, straightforward navigation, and useful tips for your customers can help increase traffic to your website as well as ROI. For more information about increasing and proving your bank's marketing ROI, download our free eBook now!

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