Fifteen Reasons to do a Digital Detox plus One

Posted by George Irish on December 10, 2015


The digital world can sometimes feel overwhelming and exhausting. Weeks spent in front of the computer with a cell phone at your ear can lead to a sense of enormous stress. This is why people find that it makes sense for them to take a break from it.  it's time for a digital detox!

Here are some excellent reasons to start a digital detox:

1. The chance to carve out space to connect with the people in your life. 

2. To realize that you can switch off the digital world whenever you want. 

3. To spend more time reading, dancing, and doing other important things in life. 

4. To reward yourself in other ways other than by checking online. 

5. To remind yourself what it is to be human again and not someone tethered to a machine all day long. 

6. To have some alone time by yourself without any distractions. 

7. To avoid being interrupted by a phone that is beeping or a computer program demanding your attention. 

8. To finally get a good night's sleep without being interrupted by an outside source. 

9. To free yourself of the constant pattern of always being available at all hours of the day and night for anyone for any reason no matter how trivial. 

10. To be able rid yourself of the bad habit of having your smartphone always in your hand no matter where you are. 

11. To let yourself focus on your breathing and relax rather than being constantly distracted by the outside world at all times. 

12. To have time to think about how you use technology. And how you can learn to use better so that you control it rather than the other way around. 

13. To think about the ways that you have become reliant on technology in your life at all times. And then consider ways to break free of this pattern and become better at using technology more effectively. 

14. To dine without your smart phone at your side at all times. To be able to talk to your friends and family in person directly at the dinner table rather than via a phone call. 

15. To think of ways to challenge yourself. Meeting challenges can be empowering and help us learn and grow. 

16. To create wonderful memories of activities with others that will make everyone you interact with healthier and happier. 

Just something to think about and a great practice to implement every so often.

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