Five Reasons Your Company Should Cancel HubSpot

Posted by George Irish on September 22, 2015

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You implemented HubSpot, and for one reason or another, you aren't experiencing a smooth transition. In fact, you  are thinking you may quit HubSpot and go back to your previous inbound marketing activities.

Here are five reasons your company should quit HubSpot.

#1: Your company has too much business already. If you enjoy more business than you can handle, cancel HubSpot. Who needs all those qualified B2B leads anyway, right?

#2: Your branding is perfect. If everyone recognizes and understands your branding message, and all your buyers sport t-shirts with your company's logo, why waste money on HubSpot?

#3: Leads are converting left and right. Every website visitor turns into a lead, and skips down your sales funnel to become a client. Lucky you! Get rid of that pesky HubSpot platform. It's only going to create more work closing those accounts.

#4: You know everything there is to know about content creation. If your keyword rich content practically writes and distributes itself, and your eBooks connect with your audience and capture lead information, then go ahead and cancel HubSpot.

#5: You're making too much money. Your company is making so much money you don't have time to spend it all? Who wants to deal with all that cash? No sense wasting time on the great ROI HubSpot offers.

These are the five main reason to cancel HubSpot. They don't sound familiar? Hmm...

More likely, you are considering quitting HubSpot because you haven't invested the time in learning and executing the system. If you want to cancel HubSpot, try these actions first.

  • Commit to their extensive training package. HubSpot offers in depth training. Take advantage.
  • Lay out a true plan. Outline your goals, and the inbound objectives that will help you reach them.
  • Assign every team member a role. Each person must understand their part of the process.
  • Execute according to a timeline. Create a sense of urgency with an editorial calendar.
  • Create calls-to-action and landing pages. Used correctly, powerful calls-to-action and enticing landing pages wield the power to make an inbound initiative a rousing success.
  • Measure your results. Review what works, edit out what doesn't, and utilize both outcomes to create greater future success.

Success with HubSpot requires effort and a learning curve, but it is well worth it in the increased number of leads the platform generates, the ease of content creation and distribution, and its robust analytic tools. Before you cancel HubSpot, recommit to making it a success. You won't be sorry.\



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