Five Social Selling Reasons You Shouldn't Worry About Upgrading Your LinkedIn Account

Posted by George Irish on June 7, 2016


You may have considered upgrading your LinkedIn account to Navigator, and mulled over whether or not it would be worth it. Here are five reasons to choose to stay with a Basic LinkedIn account, and forget all about the wide array of features that Navigator offers its users.

#1: You aren't interesting in getting introduced to prospects.

Even though getting an introduction through a mutual connection is one of the best ways to forge a relationship with a prospect, you just don't have the time to worry about it. Navigator lets you have up to fifty introductions at once. How absurd! Who wants to connect with that many potential prospects anyway?

#2: You couldn't care less who is looking at your profile.

So what if potential customers are checking out your profile? Navigator gives you the ability to see all of this, but it's just too much trouble to look at, right?

#3: Prospects contacting you is a real pain.

Navigator gives its users an open link, so anyone interested in connecting can contact them. What a bother to have interested, ready-to-buy leads knocking on your door. Better to just keep playing your solitaire game than to have to deal with that kind of pressure.

#4: Saving time is silly.

Who needs to save time these days, when there is plenty of it? Navigator provides search alerts that notifies you if a connection changes their job title, or if someone matching your targeted criteria joins the platform. This saves tons of time searching through endless lists and searches. But, you LIKE all the searching, so why stop now?

#5: Inmails are no better than regular, free emails.

Get more Inmails to use to connect with targets on LinkedIn with Navigator, but why? You connect with enough people right? There was that guy in the coffee line on Tuesday, for one. Plus, you already have free email that never gets noticed or opened. That's good enough.

Navigator propels a LinkedIn user's efforts with a variety of proven tools that helps attract and connect with hot prospects. Why would anyone want to take the time to upgrade to have all this at their fingertips?


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