Five Steps For Creating An Effective B2B Sales Process

Posted by George Irish on April 16, 2015


Attracting, wooing, and closing new clients are goals on every company's list. How to do it in a timely and cost-efficient manner is the big question.

An endeavor as pivotal as client acquisition requires a focused strategy. Five steps for creating an effective B2B sales process are:

Identify your buyers. Research current customers and find out what made them choose to do business with your company. What are their pain points? How does your product or service fill their needs? Target prospects who are similar to your current customers.

Create and share engaging content. Use enticing blogs, emails, white papers, and other content to develop campaigns that entice potential customers to learn more about your company, and why you trounce your competitors. Utilize social media, email, and any other available outlet to share your content with as many prospects as possible. Content is like a trail of bread crumbs that leads the prospect to your door.

Develop a powerful call-to-action. What will motivate the reader to click the call-to-action and proceed through your sales funnel? Give time and attention to building relevant calls-to-action that will speak to your potential customer.

Generate qualified B2B leads. Once content has attracted the prospect and the calls-to-action have led them through the lead conversion process, they must be qualified as a lead. Marketing must analyze previous analytics and set perimeters as to when a prospect becomes a lead. Designating them as a lead too soon can both annoy the prospect and frustrate the sales team. Conversely, waiting too long to move forward with them can leave money on the table and cause them to lose interest. Timing is critical.

Turn the leads over to sales. An essential part of a successful B2B sales process is, obviously, sales. Marketing and sales must outline a plan for when and how sales receives the qualified leads, and the procedure they follow to pursue the sale. This is often where the sales process derails. Strong planning is the key to its success.

Follow these five steps to set a killer B2B sales process in motion. Your company will generate qualified B2B leads, and reap exciting rewards of a larger customer base and increased revenue.

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