Five Ways A Pipeline Marketing Strategy Secures More Dream Customers

Posted by George Irish on July 28, 2015


Most business decision makers believe in the benefits of marketing to varying degrees. A common issue is quantifying marketing's efforts and  tying marketing directly to revenue.  One common reason is lack of proper pipeline focus.

An effective pipeline marketing strategy meshes marketing and sales, and results in greater ROI. Here are five ways companies can secure more of their dream customers by implementing a successful pipeline marketing strategy.

Influence change. A company whose sales team fails to show potential clients the benefit of changing vendors will not be a priority to their clients, and will lose out to competitors who manage this more successfully. A solid pipeline marketing strategy assists sales in attaining success in the influencing portion of the buying experience.

Extend a targeted message. Marketing to your pipeline provides a way to execute important information to your prospect where they hang out on the internet. This includes employing targeted messages with specific goals and measurable objectives.

Work smart and efficient. Marketing to qualified leads is integral to stay at the forefront of their mind. Pipeline marketing provides a solution for companies to reach a large audience with little effort and expense.

Shorten sales cycle. Minimize the risk of your competitors snagging your leads by shortening the sales cycle when you penetrate deeply into your prospect's business model.

Increase close ratio. Building a relationship and creating a sense of urgency with prospects conveys the importance of conducting business with your company. A tactical pipeline marketing strategy is key to adding more profitable customers to your books, saving tons of money in wasted prospecting.

Marketers who are always forging ahead to gain more market share and expand the reach of their business need to implement pipeline marketing into their overall marketing initiatives. A professional digital agency is a priceless partner in bringing this plan to fruition. Once implemented, pipeline marketing will penetrate your leads, shorten the sales cycle, and increase the close ratio. Gear up to work with more dream customers in a very short time!

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