Generate Qualified B2B Leads by Creating Powerful Landing Pages

Posted by George Irish on May 26, 2015


If your marketing campaigns start out strong and engaging, and then lose steam, you are not alone. Inbound marketing is a fantastic tool to generate qualified B2B leads, but only when it is strategically planned all the way through. The content, while powerful, is only one part of it.

Landing pages have gotta excite!

Surprisingly, landing pages are often the afterthought of marketing strategies. "Once we have everything written, we'll throw up some landing pages." This causes companies to fail in capturing as many B2B leads as possible.

So, what to do?

Here are 4 ways to boost your landing pages' performance.

First, remember content is king, and this includes the landing page. To generate qualified B2B leads, marketing MUST capture the lead's information. Write landing pages that are short, strong, and share exactly what the reader receives after sharing his or her information. A vague message will cause people to leave.

Then, make it an offer they can't resist. By understanding your buyer's needs, you can create relevant content they find valuable. Put thought into the offer, and how it will directly benefit them if they say yes.

Also add some graphics. Landing pages create more interest if they contain pictures. Depending on your buyer, insert a person's picture that identifies with the reader's needs. Pictures engage the lead and break up the text.

Finally, don't ask for their entire history. Your aren't writing the lead's biography. Keep the information form to a minimum, especially in the first stages. Ask for no more than five pieces of information. Remember, the more information a reader is required to fill out, the more likely they will leave the page and be gone forever.

Using inbound marketing to generate qualified B2B leads can bring enormously profitable results and show strong ROI, but only if every facet is planned and executed correctly. Evaluate your landing pages, and see if they are performing well. If they could use some improvement, follow this tips and revise them. You are sure to see a boost in the amount of people who find them irresistible!

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Generate Qualified B2B Leads

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