Get the Best Financial Website Design by Knowing What You Need

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on October 14, 2016
The Best Financial Website Design
A strategy defining the goals of a financial institution website is an important value creation tool that is beneficial to its stakeholders. Financial institution website designs are most effective when they identify your company brand and unique voice while reflecting a responsive relationship with your customer base. Research and consultation in the areas of employees, sales, web editing, management, and marketing, is necessary to create the most well-informed design decisions.

Creating a Good First Impression for Your Brand
Your website is often the first impression a new customer has of your brand. When a potential client first sets eyes upon your website, they will immediately form an opinion about the value and quality of your business. According to Time Magazine, a website has approximately 15 seconds to engage a visitor. Moreover, 55% of those clients will disengage and navigate elsewhere almost immediately and without further investigation. This limited timeframe makes the design, content, ease of navigation and marketing strategy especially critical.

Developing the Best Financial Website Design
There are 4 fundamental website design components that are important to include in the construction of a financial website.
  • Easy to Navigate -- Pages of a website with a navigational structure that is both scalable and intuitive enables visitors to explore the various pages and features of your site. Customer account information should be logical and easy to find.
  • Color Scheme -- According to QuickSprout, 90% of all product assessments are influenced by color. When selecting a color scheme, choose bright and vibrant colors. Test studies show that primary colors inspire a call to action as compared with the darker and moodier options.
  • Responsive Design -- Website access from devices other than the desktop computer, like Smart Phones and iPads, increases exponentially every year. The look and feel of your site must be fully optimized for these devices.
  • Technical Support -- Tools like mortgage calculators, banking statements, wire money services, budgeting software as well as a customer support portal, should be available, adequate, and easy to use. 

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