Grab Customers' Attention with Mobile Banking Photo Bill Pay Feature

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on March 3, 2016

Are you looking for a way to draw in new customers or to attract users to your mobile banking app? Photo bill pay is the new mobile banking feature you should know about. By introducing this streamlined, user-friendly bill pay system, banks are seeing increased customer engagement in mobile banking.

Often, customers opt to set up automatic payments through a biller’s website instead of using a bank’s traditional online banking services. Many users find that traditional bill pay, which requires customers to enter payee address and payment information, doesn’t save them enough time to warrant a switch.


Photo bill pay provides the hassle-free payment system that customers desire. Users simply snap a photo of a bill with their mobile phone, and allow the app to do the rest. There is no need to enter the biller’s name, address, or payment info. The app gleans this information from the check and automatically schedules a payment. It also negates the need for customers to file paper copies of their bills, as the app automatically archives photo records of their transactions. Banks have found that customers who use photo bill pay on their mobile banking apps are loyal app users and more likely to pay bills on time.

Consumers today expect mobile access to enhance their vital financial activities. Photo bill pay allows banks to provide the cutting edge experience that consumers seek at a low cost. Therefore, it is the perfect tool to help you increase the return on investment (ROI) on your bank’s mobile app. Much like mobile check deposit, photo bill pay incentivizes users to download your mobile banking app in order to access this unique service. Users of photo bill deposit are also more likely to remain engaged and regularly log onto the app in the future.

Ultimately, the key to a successful mobile banking business lies in providing simple solutions that make customers’ lives easier. By focusing marketing strategies on education about the benefits of mobile banking, banks can attract new customers and further engage existing ones while tracking and proving ROI for the bottom line. For more information about proving ROI on your mobile banking app and marketing strategies, download our eBook now!

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