Hero or Zero? Social Selling Can Make the Difference

Posted by George Irish on August 25, 2016


Sometimes, selling feels like slogging through endless unproductive calls, ending up with canceled meetings, and getting the run around from decision makers. And let's not even think about the fact that we may as well be the Invisible Man every time we send out an email!

How can your efforts put you at the top of your game, instead of mulling around like a dog who lost his bone? In short, how can we be heroes, instead of zeroes? 

Gather round, because it isn't hard. Social selling is the key. 

Zero: Missing the boat on what the lead needs. Unfortunately, we are often so busy spouting off the features of our product, we overlook exactly what the prospect needs. When this happens, the message falls flat, and so does your commission. 

Hero: Use your super-sonic listening skills across social media to see what your prospects value, and serve up consistent helpings of information that addresses their pain points and offers insight into how they can accomplish more with less cost, time, or effort. 

Zero: Concentrating on leads that are not decision makers. When it comes to big accounts, the true buyer is often shrouded behind several wily gatekeepers. Some of these will even claim to be the one making the decision. If a sales person makes this mistake, all the savvy selling in the world isn't going to land this account. 

Hero: Use your super skills to seek out multiple contacts within an organization. Knowing people from management to accounting to manufacturing gives you the ability to truly learn what they need and how you can assist them in their quest to grow. Once you manage this, you evolve into more of a trusted partner than just another sales person. 

Zero: The deep freeze. Yes, we are talking cold calls. This is about as relevant today as typewriters. Cold calling does little to build trust, or your pipeline. 

Hero: Develop leads by giving value first. Helpful content, a valuable video, or an informational webinar shared across LinkedIn builds a more trusting, loyal audience than cold calling ever would. Heroes then leverage these contacts into prospects, then customers. 

Successful social selling is a key component to set yourself up as the hero. Commit to giving value first, understanding your targets, and "warm" selling with value, and you will leave your competition in the dust!

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