Highly Trackable Mortgage Lead Generation Strategies

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on March 16, 2016

It can be challenging to find highly trackable mortgage lead generation strategies, therefore it is difficult attract more customers while proving campaign effectiveness. There some effective strategies that help attract more customers, and with the competition in the financial industry for many of the same potential customers, these strategies are important to know and to use. Because these new strategies involve the use of technology, they are also easier to track and therefore easier to evaluate their return on investment.


IP Marketing

Internet marketers can assist lenders by identifying the IP addresses of people who visit their website or who fall inside their market area. When the IP information is identified, it can also be broken down into smaller chunks of information, things such as location, income ranges, and other important data that can be useful. With the identified IP addresses, you can serve custom display ads to these customers on websites that they visit. IP marketing allows you to truly target potential customers on a one to one basis, use your marketing budget precisely, and truly reach your target market with a custom mortgage message.

IP marketing also allows the company to measure and monitor how much progress your campaign has made, helping you prove an ROI on this specific campaign. With more technology, there are more ways to analyze how many people are coming to your website, and specifically to your mortgage page, from online sources.

Inbound Marketing

One of the most effective and highly trackable mortgage lead generation strategies is inbound marketing, which refers to strategies that are focused on pulling visitors in instead of pushing messaging onto them. With outbound marketing, you are pushing out mass messages in an already crowded space and can get lost among the competition. Inbound marketing helps you reach potential customers by creating content around their pain points and topics they research and becoming an authority in your industry. You can incorporate inbound marketing into your overall mortgage marketing strategy by posting and sharing informative content on your blog and social media sites. This content should be optimized with relevant keywords that your potential customers use to search for mortgages and mortgage related subjects so that it can be found in search engine results. Blog posts should include calls to action and lead capture forms as to generate mortgage leads via this method.

Social Media

Where do a majority of your potential mortgage customers spend their time online? On social media of course! Reach your target markets where they spend time browsing, interacting and sharing by not only having a strong social media presence, but also by running paid social media ad campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media ads can be more playful and relatable, so be sure to use softer messaging than you would on a traditional mortgage ad. Social media ads are also equipped with insights, analytics and reporting to allow you to continually optimize your campaign for success and prove the ROI of each campaign.

The competition for mortgage customers is fierce. You need to make the necessary changes to your current mortgage marketing strategy to ensure your financial institution thrives, and the implementation of digital mortgage lead generation strategies is a huge step in the right direction. For more information about optimizing and proving the ROI on your mortgage marketing campaigns, download our FREE eBook now!

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