How I Became A Business to Business Lead Generation Superhero (Self-Proclaimed)

Posted by George Irish on August 12, 2015


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's our marketing team!

Ok, so most companies are not screaming your name in glory at the top of their lungs every day. That doesn't mean marketing is unimportant. In fact, fully developed and smartly executed marketing initiatives drive sales, expand the company footprint, and bolster the company's long-term stability.

Marketing manages a variety of crucial projects that engages, attracts, and retains clients, but no action is more important than knowing how to generate more qualified B2B sales leads. While you may not be able to fly, or leap tall buildings in a single bound, you can still use these four ways to be a business to business lead generation superhero.

Hone your x-ray vision. Take a gander into your prospect's head and see what is important to them. Is it the customer experience? After-sales support? Delivery time? Find out and gear your content around these needs. This will draw your clients to you like Batman is drawn to Catwoman.

Pinpoint your strategic target. Use your superhuman radar, to identify your buyer personas. This entails talking to your current clients about why they choose you as their vendor. Once you understand your appeal, market it as widely as possible to build your audience.

Create your customer's kryptonite. What can they not resist? Is it a solution that will streamline their processes? A way to save man hours, or increase the safety of employees' work environments? Write content around this irresistible subject, and lock it away being a landing page. Prospects will share their important personal information to get to it.

Don't rely on just the bat mobile. It was cool, but, hey, the bat mobile was built in the 80's. You need to employ new vehicles to share your marketing message and gain buyer awareness. Look around to find the social media avenues your prospects like, and post your valuable content for them to find. This will lead them back to your website, and hopefully, into your client base.

Building and maintaining a relevant audience with valuable content and strong calls-to-action empower you and your company to generate more qualified B2B sales leads, and reach new heights of growth and success. Implement these four essential tips into your bag of tricks, and you will be a business to business superhero in no time!

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Generate Qualified B2B Leads

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Generate Qualified B2B Leads
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