How The Big Bad Wolf and Ignoring Social Job Sharing Sites Can Tank Recruiting Practices

Posted by Dolores Gonsalves on May 4, 2015


Remember Red Riding Hood? She made a mistake trusting the Big Bad Wolf, and it ended up costing her big.

The same can be said of ignoring job sharing sites. Recruiting has dramatically changed in recent years, offering new opportunities and challenges. Failing to consider and test new ways to attract top talent can leave you with less than stellar hiring options.

Here are three ways the Big Bad Wolf and ignoring job sharing sites can tank recruiting practices.

#1. Acting like a Grandma. No offense to grandmothers! The wolf acted like a grandma, and it tanked his end game. Businesses shouldn't either. Recruiting and hiring the same old way will knock a company out of the running for most "A" players. Exploring the benefits of job sharing sites allows for greater opportunity to connect with and attract top talent.

#2. Hanging out in the forest when you should be networking. Take it from the Big Bad Wolf: go where there is opportunity. Online job sharing sites are the places qualified people are looking for positions. It's a good idea for businesses to maintain a strongly branded presence on these sites, and engage in conversations and share relevant information.

#3. Failing to show your brand. While the wolf was acting nice and helpful, something he was not, Red Riding Hood excelled at creating her brand. Have any of us ever mistaken her for Little Blue Sweater Girl? NO! Businesses can maximize their appeal by sharing aspects of their culture through informative information on job sharing sites. One of the biggest reasons candidates don't work out in a position is because they clash with the company's culture. Recruiting on job sharing sites goes much deeper and maximizes the possibility of ending up with the best candidate than simple job postings.

Savvy business leaders always need to keep tabs on the new recruiting trends, because bad hiring decisions cost an estimated 30% of the position's salary. Marketing your business on social job sharing sites will give you more visibility to top talent, and grant you access to a wider candidate pool.

Here's to you and your recruiting process living happily ever after!

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