How to Choose the Right Financial Web Design Service

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on September 1, 2015

Choosing a web design service for your financial institution is not something to take lightly. Your company's website is your first chance to make a favorable impression on potential customers. Choosing the best web design firm for your business will take some careful consideration, as skill and talent are not enough. A website design agency should be knowledgeable and have experience in the following elements of financial website design to be a strong contender for your website project.

Does the candidate understand your business?
With so many rules and regulations in the financial sector, it is important to choose a web design service agency that has experience in the financial industry.


Do they publish effective and authoritative content?

A financial service offers products that are intertwined with critical decisions in the lives of their customers. The content and typographical landscape you present to your clients must be compelling and inspire confidence. Review the candidate's portfolio for copy examples and compelling writing samples.

Do they utilize striking visual images and graphics?
Rich and original imagery with engaging interactive elements draw customers in and impart your message in a compelling way. Review your candidate's previous work to learn how well they manage click-flow and imagery.

Do they design responsive and optimized websites?
With the majority of all search engine and internet traffic now coming from mobile, it is imperative that your financial institution’s website be responsive. Responsive websites adjust to fit to the device that they are being viewed from, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Additionally, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies should be employed during site development to ensure that your website ranks in search engine results. Responsiveness also plays into SEO, as Google’s search algorithm does not show your site in search results if it is not compatible with mobile.

Are they aware of trends, or are they enslaved to them?
A worthwhile web design service should be aware of current trends, understand what they mean and how they develop. They should also know the difference between following a trend blindly and adhering to a trend strategically.

Some final qualities to look for in a web design firm include:

  • A robust user testing phase during design and development to ensure the site caters to the end users.
  • Experience in SEO strategies prior to, during and after the web design service project to help you rank in search engine results.
  • Knowledge of analyzing and reporting to ensure the project is SEO functional and produces the desired ROI results.
If you are in the process of evaluating your financial institution’s website for redesign, sign up for our FREE financial web audit to learn about areas of opportunity and improvement on your site.

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