How To Successfully Promote The Three SAAS Marketing Models

Posted by George Irish on April 9, 2015


Software as a service (SAAS) is a growing market, with several pioneers like Dropbox, Salesforce, and Citrix cutting the trail with the success of their go-to-market models. With many new players predicted to enter the SAAS arena, it stands to reason that SAAS marketing will become a hot button, and being able to generate qualified B2B leads for these companies-regardless of the model type- will be paramount. 

Let's examine the 3 main SAAS models that currently exist.

First, we have the lower volume, higher priced model.

The larger investment this model requires buys a wide range of features and in depth solutions. For this model, SAAS marketing would include high touch sales calls and demonstrations during a prolonged buying cycle. A strategic inbound marketing plan is also an effective way to generate qualified B2B sales leads. By utilizing high quality content, SAAS companies can attract the Enterprise accounts that would be interested in the lower volume, higher priced model.

The second model is a scalable price and volume model.

This model determines pricing based on the features the clients are after. The sales cycle is not as long as with the higher priced model, and usually there are not as many decision makers involved in the process. Successful SAAS marketing for this type of sale would include trade shows, inbound marketing, and webinars. All of these avenues would generate qualified B2B sales leads that inside sales representatives could then use to build their sales funnels.

The final model is higher volume, lower priced.

This model appeals to a wider array of clients simply due to the lower investment that is required. Of the 3 models, inbound marketing is most important for this model. This is because a strong inbound marketing program can generate qualified B2B leads faster and with a smaller amount of manpower than any other type of SAAS marketing. Pertinent, engaging industry blogs and product videos touting the features and benefits are a couple of ways inbound marketing can create buzz for an SAAS.

When utilizing SAAS marketing, a company must strategically align their initiatives to make certain customer acquisition costs are in line with the model being marketed. Strong inbound marketing and robust sales follow up can make or break an SAAS business.

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