How to Use Your Financial Services Website to Generate Leads

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on April 14, 2016

Your website says a lot about your financial institution and is often the first impression your brand makes. Additionally, people are not only critical upon a first viewing, but are also easily distracted. This, however, doesn't mean you have to pander to your audience with gimmicks to get their attention and generate leads. Your financial services website simply needs to convey your professionalism, be easy to navigate and include the right content with calls to action to capture user information. This way, it not only makes a good impression, but also generates warm leads who feel comfortable providing their information. Below are some of the best improvements to make to your financial services website to help generate leads for your sales team.


Employing the Right Keywords & Content

It all starts with finding the keywords. The way your financial institution phrases terms is probably not the same way people looking for financial services phrase their keyword searches. Thorough keyword research based on how your target markets use search engines is essential for lead generation success. The relevant keywords should then be used as the basis for creative valuable content that users want to consume and that draws them in.

Having a blog on your website is the most effective way to showcase inventive content while weaving relevant keywords into your posts. Including relevant keywords in your blog content will help draw users to your website via search engines and increase your company’s reach. Blog content should be informative, educational and helpful to users, so that it helps establish your financial institution as a thought leader and authoritative source on financial services. Content should NOT be sales-y or mention your company directly, but should be an unbiased source of information. Including call to action buttons on your blog posts that prompt users to fill out a short form of their information in exchange for valuable content (such as an eBook, a whitepaper, etc.) will help you generate warm leads that already trust your brand.

Making It Easy for Users

You have competition coming from a variety of different places, so it's your job to lay out a financial services website so it's easy for people to follow and take action. A compelling rotating ad at the top of the page can catch people's eyes and easily direct them to a short form where they can input their information in exchange for content or a service they values. The questions you use on the form should be simple and fast to fill out. If you do ask questions, keep it to a minimum. This type of inbound marketing is the first step to converting leads through your website, and your staff should be ready to use the data to develop a personalized sales approach to convert them into customers. During the QA process, ensure that not only every button works on every type of device (mobile, desktop, laptop, etc.), but also that the average user can understand the site and its functions.

Well crafted content and smart website design are an exercise in ROI; and with the right tools, you can start getting the leads you want right through your website! If you want to start generating leads for your sales team through your financial services website, schedule a FREE financial website audit to get started today!

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