How we almost quit HubSpot and then found success...

Posted by George Irish on August 27, 2015


Most of us in marketing have read The Tipping Point at this point. Likewise, Seth Godin's The Dip. It's easy to read these books and get really excited about that point where you're finally going to get your break, when that video is going to go viral or you're going to figure out precisely which leads you should be going after. Putting in the work... that's the hard part.

HubSpot is one of those marketing tools where more users than not are going to quit HubSpot before they hit that tipping point. Marketing automation software is tricky. If you're going to use HubSpot, you're committing to being a pioneer, exploring a relatively new territory of marketing. We don't all have the patience to do that.

For us, month eight was just about the breaking point. We'd spend anywhere from seventy to a hundred hours, every single month, blogging four times a week, and we were getting nothing. We thought that we were pitching to the wrong businesses, switched that up, nothing happened. We thought we were hitting the wrong level in marketing, switched that up, nothing.

Were we collecting useful data? Sure. We were finding out what doesn't work, and really, that's the only way you can innovate in marketing practices: keep trying, learn from your flops, and try again. But it started to feel like carving an iceberg with a hot butterknife. It didn't seem like we would ever have enough failures under our collective belt to earn us any kind of success. Do we quit HubSpot?

The plan was to cut and run after month nine. Our thinking was to sort of treat it like a breakup: We're emotional right now, let's give it a month and see if we still want to split and quit HubSpot. We nailed down the perfect calls to action, and we're developing all the leads we need to stay in the green. Best of all, the cash flow frees us up to keep experimenting, keep finding new demographics, and keep refining our marketing content.

"Just stick with it" isn't the magic key we want to find when we ask for business advice, but it's the only business advice that really counts. Just stick with it.

Luckily, month nine is when it all came together, like setting up a Rube Goldberg machine. It took us forever to collect all the data needed to get our "contraption" in order, but when we finally did, it worked almost too perfectly

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