How We Chose Our Best Marketing Automation by Exploring HubSpot Alternatives

Posted by George Irish on September 22, 2015


Choosing the best marketing automation wasn't a simple endeavor, and we conducted in depth research on HubSpot as well as viable HubSpot alternatives. We outlined our main goals, which were to increase conversion, maximize website traffic, and build our SEO, but we still needed to put thought into which platform would be best in helping us meet them.

We loved HubSpot right off the bat, but the pricing gave us indigestion, which made looking at HubSpot alternatives seem like a smart idea.

As we eyeballed the different options, we found five ways to look at our investment when selecting the best marketing automation choice:

#1: Do they offer integrations? We wanted a system that integrated with various other platforms, like our CRM and our webinar software. The HubSpot alternatives demonstrated to us didn't offer the seamless integrations we required.

#2: Are robust social media tools available? While some of the HubSpot alternatives provided a way to post information to various social media sites, none of them compared to the ease of use and vast reach of the HubSpot social media tool. Scheduling and tracking multiple posts on a variety of social media accounts proved easier on HubSpot than any other platform.

#3: How easy is it to build landing pages and forms? If inbound marketing were a fairy tale, the landing page would be the Fairy Godmother. No other singular instrument is more vital in converting B2B qualified sales leads. We found the HubSpot alternatives to be lacking in the broad flexibility in landing page and form building that HubSpot offered as a standard feature.

#4: Does the platform support content creation? Our team knew consistent content creation was essential if we wanted to reach and surpass our goals. We needed a platform that would assist in outlining keywords, guide us through meta description creation, and even advise us on when to post our content. After viewing several other platforms, we realized no other offered the building blocks of enticing content creation that HubSpot did.

#5: How simple are the marketing metrics to pull and digest? Without analytics, we wouldn't know if we hit our goals, or failed miserably. But, they are so boring! The best marketing automation platform for us was one that pulled important analytics in a simple-to -interpret report. All options offered a degree of marketing measurement, but only HubSpot made data analyzation in depth and easy.

And there you have it. Once we really put pen to paper, we realized the HubSpot alternatives wouldn't help increase our B2B qualified sales leads, offer a large ROI, and empower us to easily interpret the hard number results of our marketing efforts. The best marketing automation for us ended up being HubSpot.

Are you considering the best marketing automation tool for your company? Let us give you a complimentary assessment of your current processes to see if HubSpot would help you reach your goals. Contact us today!




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