How We Cracked the Code to Master Financial Services Lead Generation

Posted by George Irish on February 4, 2016


Searching for the magic lead generation formula caused a few wrinkles in our team's faces, and several more gray hairs on our heads. Over the course of five years' worth of trial and error, A and B testing, and editing and revising, we used our experiences and molded a successful formula that now drives more qualified leads than ever before.

Our tenacious commitment to this project was because, well, our system was broken. Cold calls were delivering anemic results, the economy was flat, and our new business was stagnant. Something had to give.

If you have ever felt this way, especially if this is your current situation, read on for answers on how we cracked the code to master financial services lead generation.

First, build up your social connections. Take to the internet and attend networking functions. Tighten up your online presence, and beef up your in-person persona. Build a large network of audience members who fit your buyer's persona. The more people who know your name and recognize your face, the better. Avoid being sales-y during this part of the process, as it turns people off.

Second, offer value up front. A thirsty man doesn't need a hammer. Make sure you offer pertinent, valuable insights that connect with and engage your audience. It's key to understand your buyers, their motivations, and their obstacles. Speak their language with valuable information to show them you understand their specific needs.

Then, come in warm.  After establishing a connection in a non-threatening manner, reach out to them to move the relationship forward. Since they most likely know your name and have benefited from your valuable information, they are much more likely to grant you a conversation.

Finally, offer solutions based on pain points. If your target grants you an appointment, don't automatically  transform back into hard sell mode. Remember, this person trusts you to not waste his or her time. Instead of sales-speak, meet them and ask thoughtful questions about their processes and specific needs. Tailor your approach to create a positive outcome for them by choosing to do business with you.

The effort it takes to re-think the way your sell is worth the outcome. By using these tips as a blueprint to a financial services lead generation plan, you elevate yourself from your competition, and create a relationship that far surpasses a customer/salesperson connection.

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