How We Transformed Our B2B Agency with Inbound Lead Generation

Posted by George Irish on July 7, 2015


Maybe you are a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) who has embraced inbound lead generation, or perhaps you still don't see the value in the investment of resources such a campaign demands. As a B2B direct marketing agency, we created our inbound plan one year ago. We documented our success, and it works!

Before our inbound initiatives, our main lead generation techniques were trade shows and direct sales efforts. We forged into the inbound marketing arena for three main reasons:

1) The current lead generation methods were expensive.

2) We needed to see more ROI from our actions.

3) We knew the sales landscape was changing, and evolved our efforts for our long-term success.

As a growth business, we didn't have a ton of manpower available for this additional marketing venture. We decided to employ four objectives to build and utilize our inbound lead generation strategy.

1) We studied our current clients. Visiting with and polling our happy customers garnered priceless information about their pain points, daily challenges, and vendor expectations. Our buyer persona was accurate and targeted to the prospects who would benefits from our services.

2) We planned targeted, fascinating content. Okay, that sounds cocky, but it's true. We worked backwards from our buyer persona's pain points to create several key words that revolved around their pain points. From there, we created blogs and articles our targets would find helpful.

3) We made the rounds. If the internet consisted of night clubs, we would be considered "regulars." Our content was distributed throughout the internet on social media sites where our buyer personas hang out. We also shared it as guest bloggers, and article sites.

4) We didn't waste any opportunities. We qualified the leads we received from our inbound lead generation initiatives, and followed up consistently. Those who were not ready to buy were added to a re-engagement campaign.

The results? The happy news is our ROI is through the roof! Our inbound lead generation efforts supply 10 qualified B2B sales leads a month. Another element that makes us dance at our desk is a close ratio four times higher than our other B2B direct marketing methods.

Woohoo! After one year, we enjoy increased sales and a strong return on investment from our inbound strategy.

This story can be yours with a little planning and investment in inbound lead generation. What are you waiting for?

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