HubSpot Price Got You Worried? Use the Platform to Crush the Competition

Posted by George Irish on October 15, 2015


After researching a few HubSpot alternatives, hopefully you decided to choose the inbound marketing platform, even though the HubSpot price makes your right eye tick.

You made an excellent decision!

HubSpot is unsurpassed at providing robust training on its wide offering of inbound components. It's critical marketers learn and utilize HubSpot's tools to make sure they see return on investment (ROI).

In addition to committing to HubSpot, here are four ways to maximize the chances the platform will pay for itself with successful inbound initiatives that will crush the competition.

#1: Set specific goals. Before careening into the world of HubSpot, go low tech and set some measurable objectives. Key performance indicators are best if they are easy to measure, and if they pertain to dollars. Address the results you want HubSpot to lead toward, and communicate these with every team member.

#2: Create consistent content. Delightfully innovative content creation tools are included in the HubSpot price, and marketers must take advantage of them to get the best bang for their buck. The blogging tools, keyword generation tools, and easy-to-use templates help make content creation a breeze.

#3: Make conversion easy. For the platform to provide eye popping ROI, it needs to deliver one thing: customers, baby! Utilizing the simple call-to-action tools and the wide variety of landing page designs creates a unique user experience that captures information and converts leads. The more customers HubSpot assists in snagging, the more it pays for itself.

#4: Hire an inbound agency. The HubSpot platform is extremely intuitive, however, the myriad of features can be overwhelming. Choosing to work with an inbound marketing agency is a smart move, especially on the front end. They are instrumental in decreasing ramp-up time and forging successful inbound campaigns faster than most new HubSpot customers can on their own. If you decide to go this route, find an experienced agency that has experience with HubSpot.

If your research has shown you there are truly no real HubSpot alternatives, you must not be swayed by the steep HubSpot price. Set measurable goals, create content and utilize the tools that promote conversions, and hire an inbound agency to assist with front end growing pains. These four actions help leverage the HubSpot price by showing ROI far beyond your initial expenditure.

And, of course, helps you crush your competition.


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