Inbound Demand Generation Tips that Generate Qualified B2B Leads

Posted by George Irish on March 11, 2015


Need to breathe new life into your B2B lead generation plan? These tips will help you make the most of what you already have – and give you some low risk/high reward ways to generate qualified B2B leads. From improving your customer response time with an auto responder to creating visual and interesting content, these ideas are designed to help your business have an increased return on your marketing investment. 

  • Harness the power of your blog: Your company’s blog is more important than ever before – and you should use it like a lead generating machine. Make sure you are providing interesting and share-worthy content and give your readers plenty of opportunity to get in touch and stay in touch. From building your email list to intriguing potential customers, don’t overlook the power of blogging.

  • Improve your landing pages: When was the last time you revamped or tweaked your landing page? Even if you’re already getting great click-throughs, boosting your conversion rates can decrease your costs dramatically. Minor tweaks can make a big difference in your inbound conversion rates and your ability to generate leads, so it is worth it to pay attention to your landing pages.

  • Utilize an auto responder: In a perfect world, you or one of your reps will be able to respond to a lead instantly – but what happens when no one is available? Don’t lose precious time and a potential customer’s interest with a delayed contact. An auto responder allows you to get in touch instantly and help you generate qualified B2B leads.

  • Add eye candy: Infographics offer the smart marketer a great visual way to get in front of (and stay in front of) a potential client. Infographics can pack a surprising amount of information into one easy to read page – and they are a lot more interesting to look at than a whitepaper. Both your top of the funnel prospects and your regular visitors and clients will enjoy a mix of content that includes well-produced infographics.

  • Boost your testing: Little changes make big differences, and if you don’t track what works for your target demographic, you’re missing out. From testing email subject lines to changing the color, size or font of a single item, testing is the single best way to tell what works for and appeals to your particular brand of business customer and what doesn’t.

While every business is different, the approaches above can help you improve your conversion rates and take a fresh approach to connecting with your target customers. Schedule regular reviews of your marketing strategy and you'll boost your B2B lead generation skills, too. 

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