Inbound Marketing Ideas for Credit Unions to Increase ROI

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on April 17, 2015

 It’s common knowledge that it costs more money to attract a customer than retain one; therefore, customer retention efforts alongside new customer acquisitions are extremely important. In recent years, inbound marketing has proven to be very effective at attracting and retaining customers, providing a higher marketing ROI for credit unions. Below we discuss what exactly inbound marketing is, how it produces results, and how you can increase the ROI on your marketing budget by utilizing these inbound marketing ideas for credit unions.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a “pull” marketing strategy based on creating valuable content surrounding targeted keywords that attract customers by providing them with the information they are looking for during the right time in their search. Once these customers consumer your content and see your brand as a trustworthy informative source, it is much easier to convert, retain, and delight them because your product or service matches their needs—they have no reason to go anywhere else. Examples of inbound marketing ideas for credit unions include:

• Creating a seminar series to inform customers about how to best utilize financial products
• Creating a blog series on retirement planning for Millennials to start saving early
• Creating appealing social media content that provides education on relevant financial topics
• Offering an eBook about first time home buying and the most important things to know before starting the process


Inbound marketing helps you establish your brand as a trusted financial institution within your community. With a focus on providing value to customers through your content, you continue to appeal to a wide base of people and enhance your credibility with your market. Inbound marketing will help your credit union pull in customers as opposed to pushing out mass messaging in a marketplace already filled with too much noise.

Differentiate Your Credit Union

Due to the last recession, many people lost some trust in the financial industry. By adopting an inbound marketing strategy, you are making your organization transparent and trustworthy. Potential customers can find out what they need to know about the financial products or services they are looking for without feeling as if it is a sales pitch. When users consume your informational content, it helps them make an informed decision and more likely that they will come to your credit union to receive these products or services. Additionally, current customers can utilize your content to educate themselves on other products and services and act as brand ambassadors promoting your credit union through good word of mouth.

Be the catalyst that drives customers to your credit union by adopting an effective inbound marketing campaign that attracts, converts, closes, and delights customers to prove and increase the ROI on your marketing budget.  For more information about proving ROI, download our free eBook now!

Marketing ROI for financial Institutions

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