Inbound Marketing Stagnant? It's Time to Hire A HubSpot Trainer

Posted by George Irish on September 29, 2015


Is your marketing team churning out content, building landing pages, and distributing your message across all your social media channels, but you haven't moved the lead generation needle in the slightest? Does it seem HubSpot isn't helping with your inbound marketing objectives, and you are wondering if the investment was a mistake?

If you answered "Yes," you are not alone. No matter how savvy the marketing department, it's easy to get lost in the vast HubSpot platform. Before you turn your focus to other initiatives, deeming HubSpot a failure, hire a HubSpot trainer to guide you back on track so you can begin enjoying increased B2B sales lead generation.

Not sold on sinking more money into your HubSpot endeavor? An experienced HubSpot trainer will:

Guide you to a better understanding of your buyer. Marketing initiatives often fail because of lack of understanding on what buyers really want. A HubSpot trainer imparts information to pinpoint your targets' needs and pain points.

Direct your team in mapping out a consistent content strategy. Disjointed content creation results in a less-than-stellar outcome. Laying out a content plan energizes the overall marketing inititative, increases engagement, and produces more qualified B2B sales leads.

Steer you toward powerful use of calls-to-action. Weak or unclear calls-to-action rarely prompts the audience to take action. A HubSpot trainer will perform a review of your current tactics, and offer suggestions that will increase attention and performance.

Educate your team on developing landing pages that increase conversion. Landing pages are the make-or-break point in the buying cycle road, and determine whether or not a prospect converts to a lead. Understanding how the design and information included on a landing page entices people to buy directly affects an inbound campaign's success or failure.

Help you build crucial analytical reports. HubSpot provides miles of important metrics marketers can use to determine the effectiveness of their efforts. Digging through it is a miserable experience! A HubSpot trainer takes the stress out of analytic review by helping craft a series of easy-to-generate reports, saving tons of hours trying to weed through the numbers one at a time.

If your inbound marketing intitiatives are stagnant and showing little results, it's time to turn to a professional HubSpot trainer. Learn how to use the system to maximize lead conversion, increase ROI, and generate more qualified B2B sales leads.


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