Insiders SaaS Marketing Plan: 4 ways we get your App to sell itself

Posted by George Irish on August 6, 2015


Choosing how to effectively market your SAAS spins even hard core veteran marketers into a quandary. What works? What is a waste of time? Which tactics do we employ? And on it goes.

When it comes to SAAS marketing, understanding that the bottom line is attracting, closing, and retaining clients is half the battle. From there, it's easy to get mired down in details and actions that don't produce adequate ROI. Four costly mistakes your could be making with your SAAS marketing are:

Misunderstanding your targets. Aiming for the sky is great, unless your customers are in the basement. Effective marketing demands a thorough comprehension of your specific buyers, their needs, and pain points. Take time to familiarize yourself with these, and build strategies around this foundation of knowledge.

Making it difficult to sign up as a c

ustomer. Steer clear of complex processes in the buyer's cycle like the plague. Unclear calls-to-action, wordy landing pages, and demanding lead capture forms make leads run, not walk, away from you directly to your competitors. Be clear, be brief, and be enticing.

Ignoring the important numbers. The highest numbers don't necessarily mean your SAAS marketing initiatives are successful. It's all about the quality of the key performance indicators. Are you capturing solid leads? Do you maintain a strong lead-to-close ratio? Is your ROI in line, or off the charts? Smart marketers analyze the numbers AND the underlying meaning so they can build measurement standards that work.

Failing to give value first. Rocking along with your current clients and converting a lead here and there won't bring long range stability to your company. Devise a plan to set your organization apart as a trusted industry leader. This means content. Sit down and create a content plan that shares informative relevant information to your audience. Educate them on industry standards, and address their biggest pain points. Valuable, engaging content will lead the prospects to you.

Effectively executing SAAS marketing takes an investment of time, skill, and commitment. Avoiding these four costly mistakes puts your company on the road to a successful outcome. A professional B2B agency proves to be priceless in laying out and implementing a high performing plan that increases client acquisition and boosts ROI.

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