Instant Social Selling Tips For Success

Posted by George Irish on December 20, 2016


The rise of social selling has been rapid and well recieved. When used correctly social selling has been proven to be very beneficial and effective for generating high quality leads. It has been a great alternative from the traditional cold emails and telemarketing camapigns many seem to have grown accustomed to. To get the most out of social selling there are minor but crucial tactics that can make or break your efforts. Here are 5 tips to remember when socially selling.

1. Your LinkedIn profile should be larger than just your resume

Make sure your Linkedin profile has more than just your previous occupations. You should be utilizing all of the profile features. Add a descriptions, add your case studies, maybe even have someone leave a review on your page. If you showcase your proven track record, your target clients will be more likely to hear you out.

2. Social Selling should not be your only tactic

The rise in social media is a wonderful thing and it has been very beneficial for sales. That being said, it should be used with other techniques. Social selling should be one of the many approaches you are taking to grab your prospects. Make sure you are being consistent, persistent and committed. Remember the ever important ABC’s of sales; Always Be Closing. Take the next time and schedule a time to have a quality conversation with your prospect.

3. Search and share content that will be beneficial to your prospects

Make sure you stay up to date with what is happening in the industry. Check specialized and relevant news sources for latest trends and changes. Make sure to look out for stories about potential obstacles your prospects may be facing. You should then share the articles and content you find and be open to lending them a helping hand with their issues. This not only helps build a rapport and a line of trust but it also really helps your prospects out.

4. Take your social selling offline

Your interactions with your prospects should not solely exist online. As mentioned earlier you should set up a meeting with your prospects to allow for quality conversation. Moving the conversation offline will do wonders for your goal. Phone calls often lead to in-person meetings or even a sale. This not only makes you closer to your prospects, it can also save you time in the long run.

5. Once you have a lead move beyond social media

Keeping up with your prospect is highly important. You have to be consistently, but not overly, checking in, giving them value content, and making attempts to schedule a meeting. A genuine phone call or meeting can be the real push you need to get your prospect to the end of the cycle.

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