IP Targeting for Banks

Posted by George Irish on November 8, 2016


It is important for businesses to choose marketing campaigns that not only fit their business model, but that maximize their return on investment (ROI). Direct mailing and emails hit some targeted customers, but also target people who have no interest. Consumers block cookies and pop-up ads. Internet protocol (IP) targeting is a way for banks and other businesses to focus solely on people identified as good prospects, eliminating wasted efforts that reduce ROI.

How Does IP Targeting Work?

IP Targeting allows you to make the most of your advertising budget. How, you ask? IP Targeting delivers highly targeted ads to specific households or businesses based on their Internet Protocol (IP) address to increase conversions and produce ROI. Your ads reach the exact target household or business, allowing for absolutely no wasted impressions or budget. For example, a bank engaged in mortgage lending can target their online ad toward people who they have sent a direct mail peice to. You could also target commercial prospects and send online ads to their work IP.

Other Benefits of IP Targeting

In addition to reducing advertising waste by targeting leads receptive to your message, IP targeting also reaches select consumers more often, as it allows companies to identify and advertise through both work and home computers. It is easy to track ROI using IP targeting by tracking clickthroughs and other measures to quickly find costs per lead. Unlike other forms of advertising, IP targeting can show within a very short time period whether the ROI is worth the cost of the campaign.

IP Targeting For Banks

IP Targeting is especially suited for banks, who already have databases of customers they would like to retarget. For example mortgage holders, and current deposit account holders. Current customers with high equity in their homes are good targets for long-term investment products or low interest credit cards. The possible uses of IP targeting in the banking industry make it not only a viable choice for marketing, it reduces costs and can be easily tweaked to obtain the desired ROI.

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