IP Targeting: Your Company's Framework for A Successful Yearly Strategy

Posted by George Irish on October 27, 2016

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All marketing initiatives require a strategic focus in order to reap the biggest return on investment (ROI). Successful IP targeting is no different.

While this digital targeting strategy offers up many rich benefits and well-defined specificity, it still needs to be approached in a planned way, and laid out with specific end goals in mind.

Fortunately, such a strategy enables marketers to target consumers with different, customized messages throughout the year, and change directions as the need arises.


While it's easy to get bogged down with daily activities, and watch the months fly by, it's critical to manage your IP targeting messages on a broader scale than just quarterly. Three reasons a yearly plan is essential are:

#1: It maintains a consistently fresh message.

Marketers who allow the same message to repeat month after month must eventually deal with diminished returns. Fortunately, digital messages can be changed and updated quickly and with little effort. Marketing needs to regularly brainstorm how different messages fit together to create a cohesive brand customers relate to and remember.

#2: It proactively addresses seasonal needs.

Understanding your targeted customer is key in order to reach them when they need your product. Examples of this type of successful IP targeting throughout the year are:

  • Pool companies: Running a "pool opening" ad in the early to mid spring months.
  • Jewelry stores: Promoting diamond special in late January and early February, for Valentine's Day.
  • Nurseries: Offering bulb special in late fall months, during prime planting season.
  • Travel companies: Showcasing great ski lodge deals during winter months.

By building buyer personas, it's easier to maximize the effectiveness of your IP targeting initiatives.

#3: It helps your brand stay ahead of competition.

Surveys have shown that consumers most often buy from the first vendor they engage. Be early to the party! IP targeting allows your company to plan your strategy so you are in front of your leads when they are in buying mode. With strategic annual campaigns, you will steal more of the market share away from your competition.

IP targeting is a valuable tool in directly pinpointing key qualified leads, bringing them to your marketing message, and adding them into your sales funnel. By understanding how to look at such a strategy from an annual perspective, you are better equipped to get the most bang for your buck with your advertising dollars, and show heftier ROI throughout the year.

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