Land A Speaking Spot at Inbound 2016 with These Five Steps

Posted by George Irish on March 29, 2016


If you are a marketing expert that's been a speaker for a decade, or you only have a single speaking engagement on your resume, you may be gazing wistfully at the lineup for Inbound 2016. Get moving! With your expertise, speaking style, and body of knowledge, you would be a hit.

Not sure how to become an Inbound 2016 speaker? Here are five steps that will help you land your spot.

Get your name and message out

The most brilliant expert is unsung if he or she is unknown. Start and maintain a blog, snag other, smaller conference speaking positions, and angle for small and mid-sized company meeting speaker slots. In addition, share your knowledge on social media, forums, and in association meetings. Engage and connect with people at every event. Once your audience hears your message, your brand leverages itself exponentially.

Offer up a fresh, hot topic

Avoid saying what a dozen other speakers talk about. Find a niche topic that is largely unexplored and build a presentation from there. By creating a unique, fresh viewpoint that attendees can't get from anyone else, you please and inspire your audience.

Apply real-life observations

Broad, sweeping technical analysis may seem smart, but this type of presentation voice frequently fails to connect. Use case studies, real life events, and success stories during your presentation. Give your audience a way to personally relate to your message, and understand that your presentation offers real solutions to their pain points.

Invest in knowing your stuff

Being a speaker is not something to wing. Continually hone your understanding of your craft. Are you up to date on all new processes? Do you understand all the legislation or rules surrounding your topic? Have you dug into exactly how your audience would utilize your information? Read, attend training, and follow other experts to ensure you keep your spot as one of the industry experts.

Build a memorable experience

Don't be afraid to show your personality. Chances are, most of your attendees have already been bored out of their minds by professional, by-the-book speakers. Find ways to engage your audience, be personable and friendly, and inject humor.

Inbound 2016 is a conference where you can meet and engage with tons of industry professionals. Employ these five steps and, in no time, you will see your name on the schedule of events.


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