Lipstick On A Pig: Why You Need A Complete Website Overhaul

Posted by George Irish on August 29, 2016


While companies are convinced of a website's importance in branding their message and widening their reach, some decision makers balk at forking over financial resources to modernize and optimize the company's site.

This is a whopper of a mistake.

A website is the face of your company, and is frequently the first taste a potential client nibbles of your brand. An outdated, difficult to maneuver, or poorly laid out site sends potential clients scurrying toward the fresher websites of your competitors.

Maybe you think a simple tweak of your current site puts you back on a level playing field, with less time spent and fewer dollars forked over. We hate to burst your bubble, but there are several reasons your company needs to commit to a complete overhaul, instead of tossing good money into a redesign that won't eliminate your site's issues.

In short, don't put lipstick on a pig.

Here are some red flags that point to needing a complete website overhaul.

Your website doesn't function well.

Websites age in dog years. If your site is even a couple of years old, its functionality could be outdated, and may cause you to miss leads and customers. If it doesn't load easily and contains pages with errors, strongly consider an overhaul.

Your target audience is not being served.

Whoever wrote your current webpages may have hit the mark like a sniper, or may have missed it like a three-year-old batter. Closely review your site. If there is little content that really speaks to your buyer, ditch it and start fresh.

Your website isn't mobile-friendly.

Mobile is no longer an extra, it's a necessity. If your site is out of date and looks weird on a mobile device, it's time to spend some money to bring it current, or risk losing valuable leads.

Adding/updating content is cumbersome.

Search engines love constant content. If your site makes it difficult to post blogs or update product information, invest resources into a new site that performs better in search rankings.

Your website lacks visual appeal.

Ugly is bad. We all learned this from super models. If your site hurts your eyes, has colors that make you think of the 80's, or is just boring, start fresh with an overhaul.

Don't waste company resources trying to save a website that is outdated or non-functioning. We can deploy a new sitewith all the bells and whistles for the cost of a redesign. Don't believe it? Let us prove it with a free quote!


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