Marketing Ideas for Credit Unions

Posted by Dolores Gonsalves-Irish on November 6, 2014

Although the financial industry is not one of the most creative industries, there are ways that marketing for credit unions can be made more interesting and perhaps even fun. Marketing ideas for credit unions are just as endless as they are for any other type of business -- the key is creativity. Check out a few of these ideas for creative digital marketing for credit unions.

Do Not Fear Social Media

Traditional credit unions tend to shy away from anything trendy, however, the world of marketing gets its life blood from what is trending. This is why it is very important for your customers to be able to connect with their credit union the same they connect with everyone else, via social media. There are many opportunities for credit unions to use social media as their ally. For instance, social media is the best and quickest way to get information to your customers concerning special offers or new services. In order to beef up your connections to customers on social media, try a giveaway. Many businesses use the “Like Us” tactic by dangling a proverbial carrot at the end of string. “Like Us” on social media and you are entered for a chance to win a giveaway.

Once established, social media connections with your customers can also be used as a tool to share financial education articles and/or promote high profit products.marketing_ideas_for_credit_unions

Connecting With Your Community

Once a social media presence has been established, the opportunities to reach out to your customers and others in the community are abundant! Although a lot of banking is done online, filming a funny video inside your credit union and then sharing it with the community via social media will generate a sense of comradery and a deeper connection. The only limit is your imagination and willingness and to grab your customer’s attention. Other ways of reaching out to the community include organizing holiday food/clothing drives or promoting events via your website and social media that are happening in the community. These types of activities give you a chance to connect with your target market while also helping the community.

Social Media Contests

Social media contests such as trivia challenges or photo submission contests are relatively simple digital marketing techniques that generate a great deal of engagement and interaction. For example, running a photo submission contest centered on “Eating Local” through a 3rd party app will engage your current fans and attract new fans. Current fans are encouraged to submit a photo of their local food dish and share their photo to gain votes to win the grand prize. When current fans share their photo, users must “like” your page to cast their vote, thus increasing your online fan base. Social media contests have proven extremely successful in engaging and expanding social media followers.


Easter Eggs

“Easter Egg” is a term used in the world of digital programming to reference some type of hidden message or inside joke that regular users will be familiar with. Easter Eggs are easily incorporated in digital marketing. An example of utilizing an Easter Egg for a credit union is a virtual character featured on your website who not only answers financial questions, but also offers advice and perhaps the occasional joke or two. A catchy name for this character will ensure that it stands out in the minds of your customers.

Marketing ideas for credit unions are about grabbing attention and about creating a connection. Connecting with your members via social media outlets as well as connecting with the community that you serve will translate into marketing ROI that you can track analytically. To learn more about tracking your marketing budget's ROI, download our free eBook now!

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