Missing The Mark with Inbound Lead Generation: 4 Ways To Know Your Content Marketing Is Flawed

Posted by George Irish on May 21, 2015


We all like to think we know all about everything, when the fact is, we can almost always improve upon our abilities. When executing inbound lead generation, there are smooth paths that yield awesome results and rocky paths that turn up puny results.

In order to know how effective your inbound lead generation strategy is, you must look at where you are and gauge the success. Here are 5 ways to determine if your content marketing strategy is flawed.

#1: Sales has no input or feedback about content. If sales is not at least broadly involved in the type of content created, the content marketing creates can be of little or no help in the buying process.
Solution: Make a point to frequently connect with sales about the types of information clients and prospects are asking them about, and use this to build quality content that will benefit the lead.

#2: Content sparks little or no engagement. Content that sparks the reader's interest will entice them to comment and share the information. If you are not seeing this with your content, that's a problem.
Solution: Analyze which pieces of content engaged readers, and which ones were ignored. Utilize this information when new content is created. Repeat this assessment periodically in order to gain as much engagement possible.

#3: The focus has strayed from your readers. If the goal is to create 5 blog posts per week, that's a red flag. Churning out content for content's sake is not the vehicle that will get you to the finish line of success.
Solution: The goal should be to create valuable content that engages and entices your targeted audience. By focusing on the results of inbound lead generation tactics instead of tasks, the savvy marketer can more effectively generate content that guides the lead through the buyer's journey.

#4: The marketing team cannot rattle off recent inbound marketing measurements. Neglecting to review and digest marketing's inbound lead generation efforts sets them up for a flop. It's like fishing all day and not checking to see how many fish you caught!

Solution: Key performance indicators should be established, and the marketing team should routinely examine conversion rates. Knowledge empowers marketing to refine and polish every campaign to achieve the maximum ROI.

Run a quick check of your inbound lead generation processes and see if you find any of these flaws. Doing so will put you on the road to better results and stronger conversion rates!

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