Mulling Over HubSpot Alternatives? Remember Price Isn't Everything!

Posted by George Irish on February 25, 2016


If your marketing team is ready to commit to an inbound platform, you may be considering HubSpot alternatives. After all, there are many cheaper options available in the marketplace. You may even believe they will serve your needs as well as HubSpot.

Hold up a minute, cowboy!

Let's talk about six questions to ask yourself when mulling over HubSpot alternatives.

#1: Will your marketing team use it?

An inbound system is only as successful as the team's buy-in. If the processes are tedious, difficult, and confusing, it's less likely tasks will be completed and you will see positive results. HubSpot offers training and guidance, as well as an intuitive, easy-to-use system that causes fewer headaches for the user.

#2:  Are the considerable extra man hours still a savings?

Bouncing around in different, less expensive systems trying to organize your inbound content, landing pages, calls-to-action, social media posting, and other lead generation tactics takes time, which costs money. Why not utilize an all-encompassing system that can be managed from one platform?

#3: Do your HubSpot alternatives offer CRM integrations?

A seamless integration to your CRM is priceless in easily segmenting lists, reaching your targets with content they will find engaging, and gauging interest. HubSpot offers a variety of CRM integrations included in their pricing structure.

#4: Will other content creation and distribution tools perform?

There are massive amounts of cheap blog platforms and distribution tools at your disposal online. But remember, your goal isn't to save money on an inbound marketing platform, but to qualify and convert a greater number of leads. HubSpot's dynamic blog platform establishes strong titles, SEO, and distribution channels that leverage your message and reach larger numbers of potential customers.

#5: Are you going to have the ability to really capture and nurture leads?

HubSpot provides simple, enticing landing pages and easy to use calls-to-action to gather your prospect's information. Other platforms lack this, which hinders lead generation.

#6: Can you measure results?

Analytic review is crucial to success. Avoid HubSpot alternatives with difficult-to-access and interpret metrics. HubSpot's robust dashboard makes measuring efforts a snap.

"Cost is what you pay, value is what you get." ~Warren Buffett

When considering HubSpot alternatives, be sure to ask these questions before laying out part of your marketing budget on an inbound solution that will not perform as needed. Because sometimes, the cheapest initial price offers paltry rewards.



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