Our Top Ten Reasons Why You Need A B2B Inbound Marketing Agency

Posted by George Irish on July 14, 2015


It pays to work with professionals.

You most likely tell your clients that, and it's valuable advice. This adage also fits when it comes to your marketing strategies.

Instead of forging through inbound campaigns trying to figure it out as you go along, consider hiring a B2B inbound marketing agency. Not sure it's worth the ROI? These ten reasons may change your mind.

#1: Decrease costly mistakes. It's easy to trot down the wrong path with inbound marketing, and not realize until thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours are wasted. A B2B inbound marketing agency will assist in laying out a workable plan to avoid wrong turns.

#2: Keep operating costs under control. Employing a marketing agency's services often costs less than hiring one full-time marketing employee. It's all the benefits of a marketing professional with none of the hiring risk.

#3: Learn from the professionals.  Inbound professionals teach the marketing team how and what to focus on, and how to plan for success.

#4: Properly measure results. Analytics is where many marketers fall short on inbound initiatives. A marketing agency guides their clients through these seemingly complex numbers and ratios, and helps see what is valuable and relevant feedback.

#5: Avoid losing potential leads. Lead generation is tricky to manage without the help of an inbound agency. Learn how to capitalize on each and every lead!

#6: Save the marketing team's time. Marketing already has their plates full, no doubt. By adding an agency for inbound marketing, the team maintains focus on other important projects.

#7: Enjoy ROI faster. Without guidance, it can be several months or longer before inbound marketing achieves results, especially is the campaign is not well-planned.

#8: Learn how to qualify leads. Lead qualification is vital to the success of inbound initiatives. A B2B inbound marketing agency will expertly lay the groundwork of this process.

#9: Catch on to building content. Exciting, valuable content is the key to engagement. Learn how to write blogs that attract prospects and lead them to your website, rather than randomly posting blogs without a plan.

#10: Reduce failure. Many inbound campaigns fail for a variety of reasons. Hiring an experienced inbound agency minimizes the risk of failure and wasted time.

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