Practicing What We Preach: B2B Marketing Agency Inbound Success Story

Posted by George Irish on July 30, 2015


Inbound marketing. Some marketers mutter this phrase in frustration and irritation. Members of our marketing and sales teams, however, sing-song it along with the snoopy dance. The reason? We know it works!

Our B2B marketing agency implemented a cohesively designed inbound plan with valuable content that we hoped would engage our audience. We took the time to understand our buyers, and hammered out specific buyer personas. We created calls-to-action and designed enticing landing pages, with thoughtfully crafted forms.

Our efforts were rewarded. Fantastically.

We are now happy to say we are our own inbound marketing success story. Four positive outcomes our B2B marketing agency enjoys that lead directly back to our inbound marketing plan are:

We save tons of time in cold-calling. At our organization, the days of reaching out to people who don't know us from the clown down the street are gone. Sales' time is now spent building relationships that our content started. Our leads know us, what we offer, and how we provide value, since they have already experienced it.

Our funnel is full of quality leads. Funnel fluff is the belly button lint of the sales cycle, and we don't deal with it anymore. By qualifying leads up front, sales doesn't waste their time running after businesses that aren't ready to or interested in moving forward. Sales loves marketing, and we love sales. It's Kum-ba-yah up in our office.

Our sales cycle has decreased. Inbound marketing does the heavy lifting up front, and buyers who are engaging with our information are further into the decision process than any cold call ever generated. We talk to potential clients who have already shown interest, which results in a decrease in waiting on a decision, and that frustrating back and forth time of past sales cycles.

Our close rate has skyrocketed. Our inbound marketing campaigns are tied directly to a higher close ratio. Our analytics show that inbound lead acquisition brings a higher ratio of stronger leads, which yields more true buyers than other sales prospecting efforts.

As a company that markets a way to generate qualified B2B leads, we know inbound works. While building out and executing proper inbound campaigns requires an investment of time up front, the return on investment is far and away greater than any other traditional sales initiative.

Let us help you try it. You won't be sorry!

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