Prove ROI with These Digital & Inbound Bank Marketing Ideas

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on October 22, 2015

Traditional marketing alone no longer does the job when it comes to bank marketing. More people than ever look to the internet when conducting research and making purchase decisions. As such, a bank’s marketing must target consumers where they spend a lot of their time: online. Banks must consider different methods of customer acquisition and incorporate digital marketing into the traditional marketing strategy. Here are some of the best digital and inbound bank marketing ideas to attract and retain customers in today’s market.


Financial Inbound Marketing

With the ad space so crowded, how do you get your bank’s messaging to stick out from the rest? Inbound marketing is centered on providing relevant content based on researched keywords that your target demographics are using to find information via search engines. By providing users with informative and relevant content they are looking to consume, you establish your bank as a thought leader and trusted resource, eventually leading them to become a customer. Keyword research is an extremely important component of a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Enticing Blogs that Engage Consumers

One of the most effective forms of inbound marketing for a bank is having a blog. Successful bank blogs are updated with new, informative content on a regular basis and each blog post should incorporate an opportunistic keyword. Blogging frequency also helps in search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and will help your keyword optimized content rank in search engine results. When consumers visit your blog looking for information and enjoy your content, you’ve established your bank as a trusted resource and can utilize calls to action to capture and convert visitors into customers.

Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

There are many digital platforms available for banks to advertise on that reach consumers when they are most engaged with content. Bank marketing ideas such as social media ads, pay-per-click advertising, IP marketing, website banner ads and more have proven successful for the financial industry. Additionally, with the majority of people turning to a search engine to research prior to a purchase decision, having an optimized website is an essential marketing strategy. SEO campaigns work to optimize your website for highly relevant keywords and increase your website’s search engine rankings.

Digital and inbound marketing draw consumers into your brand instead of bombarding them with messaging they are not looking to consume. In addition, digital and inbound marketing campaigns are highly trackable and analytics can be used to prove a true ROI on the budget. While digital and inbound bank marketing ideas are necessary for successful bank marketing, the strongest marketing strategies incorporate traditional, digital and inbound components.

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