Quick Hacks to Create A Kick-Butt Social Selling LinkedIn Profile

Posted by George Irish on May 24, 2016


Planting a garden on rocks.

Driving a car with no gas.

Social selling with a thin and shoddy LinkedIn profile.

All of these actions are time wasters and yield few positive results. While we can't advise you on horticulture, and we aren't automotive experts, we can offer up some quick hacks to create a kick-butt social selling LinkedIn profile.

Give it the full 411. People gravitate toward those they share something in common. It's the details that you offer up on your profile that connects you to others. Flesh out each section fully and thoughtfully, from your job experience to your volunteer work. This tip, and more, are covered in Hongkiat's  "10 Tips to A More Professional LinkedIn Profile."

Jazz up your headline. A person who reads "Sales Executive" as your title headline knows little about your overall product expertise and industry knowledge. Take time to examine what you wish your audience knew about you, and work those elements into a unique, authentic title. David Petherick explains this idea in greater detail in his article "7 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 2016."

Entice the reader with visual. Most profiles are words, words, words, which can lose your audience. Employ videos, pictures, and Slideshare presentations to make your profile tell a compelling story of your experience and offerings. An article in Huffington Post "8 Secrets to Building A Stunning LinkedIn Profile" goes into this practice in greater detail.

Put some effort into a quality photograph. No, you don't need to look like Jennifer Aniston, but you should not pop a quickly snapped selfie up on LinkedIn, either. It's paramount to your social sales success that your profile be topped off with a professional, high quality photo of yourself in business attire. This could be the first look your new customers get of you. Make it count. Entrepreneur.com gave pointers on LinkedIn photos in "The Do's and Dont's for Taking the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture." 

An investment in your LinkedIn profile is apt to pay for itself many times over, and a completely developed, informative one is crucial to all social sellinginitiatives. So, dive in and use what you learned in this article to give you a leg up over your competition, connect with a greater number of potential buyers, and push your personal brand productively forward.

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