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Posted by Dolores Gonsalves-Irish on December 18, 2014

The design and coding that supports a responsive website allows users to access and easily navigate the site across all devices. A responsive design makes your website visually appealing to users viewing it from any device, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

This year marks the first time that more web traffic came from tablets or smartphones than from personal computers. Mobile web browsing is here to stay, with Americans favoring fast and convenient internet access on their smartphones or tablets. This change in browsing habits also reflects a sharp decline in sales for personal computers while smartphones sales have increased by nearly 40%.  As of December 2014, nearly of 55% of all Americans own an internet-enabled smartphone and 42% own a tablet.


So why do marketing agencies in Boston think that a responsive website design is so important?

First and foremost, a responsive design will enhance the user’s experience across any platform. The user can have the same browsing experience when viewing from their iPhone, Android Device or their 19-inch Sony Laptop. Technology-focused marketing agencies Boston emphasize that a responsive web design will improve your company’s marketing ROI by negating the need for a separate mobile site and by creating an enhanced user experience. An easy to navigate website will also lead to a lower bounce rate and allows users to navigate more of your content. In today’s digital market, a responsive design can be vital when competing for online traffic.

The banking industry is an excellent example of how responsive website design can play a vital role in developing customer satisfaction. Banking websites were traditionally text-heavy, hard to navigate and loaded with unnecessary content; none of which translated well onto a mobile platform. Today’s consumers are more likely to perform a bank transaction online or on their mobile phone as opposed to at a bank branch. In response, many local banks are taking their mobile traffic more seriously and updating their online presence. By capitalizing on responsive design, banks allow their customers to easily navigate their site, access relevant information and perform financial transactions more effectively on any device at any time.

An additional benefit of responsive website design is an improvement in search engine rankings. Google has started placing more emphasis on “mobile friendly” sites in their search rankings, going as far as developing a “mobile friendly” icon for their results. Google has announced that it “prefers mobile solutions that maintain the same URL across platforms.” Google currently owns over 67% of the search market, and ranking highly in their results is key to increasing your website traffic.

We are now officially in the digital age, and the majority of people have their mobile devices with them wherever they go. Providing high-quality experiences for consumers across every device platform is the future of customer service. For more information about increasing and proving your marketing budget’s ROI, download our free eBook now!

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