Rock Your Marketing with These Top Ten Social Selling Tools for 2016

Posted by George Irish on February 2, 2016


Evidence doesn't lie, and it's stacking up on the side of social selling. According to Digital Marketing Institute, "72.6% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process outperformed their sales peers and exceeded quota 23% more often than their colleagues."  With such powerful results, it's little wonder why companies are flocking to social selling.

But what works, and what is a waste of time? And, how should savvy marketers dole out their limited budgets to get the most bang for their buck? Here are ten social selling tools that will help you rock your 2016 marketing.

#1: LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This tool helps you find leads that relate to your company and could most likely use your product. This front end social selling tool guides sales to know the people they should begin a conversation with.

#2: Company blog. Nothing offers a chance to show the positive highlights of your expertise as easily as a consistent blog. A stream of blog posts, shared across social networks, perform the dual tasks of setting your company apart from the competition, and solidifying a powerful branding message.

#3: Social profiles. Leverage your company profiles by posting relevant insights your buyers can use to make their decision easier.

#4: Your buyers' profiles. Sales should pour over their targets' profiles, and try to pinpoint a common connection or similar interest.

#5: Gated material. eBooks and white papers are smart ways to capture an interested party's information, so you can contact them with other offers.

#6: Current list of contacts/fans. Don't ignore your present connections in social selling. Maintain connections and ask for referrals to their groups.

#7: LinkedIn InMail. Not as bogged down as most people's regular email, you stand a better chance of receiving a response.

#8: CRM. A contact platform gives you the ability to watch your leads over time, and see what works and what doesn't. Plus, it keeps everything in one, easy-to-find place.

#9: Hubspot. An inbound marketing system like Hubspot makes it easy to map out, execute, and measure your attempts at social selling, saving time and resources. 

#10: Hire a lead generation firm. Take the guesswork out of social selling and reduce the ramp up time by working with one of your local experienced social selling companies. They will help you set up the exact initiative that will work for your company, and train sales specifically how to master it.

Put these tips in play today, and see how your efforts spark big interest, and ignite your 2016 revenue.

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