Scared Using B2B Lead Generation Companies Are Too Costly

Posted by George Irish on September 1, 2015


Ask a few B2B lead generation companies for quotes and there's a good chance that you're going to be... let's say, surprised, at how high some of their numbers can be. Some companies price more competitively than others, but it's generally safe to assume that you're going to be spending a few bucks more for the privilege of making the choice to suspend HubSpot and let the company handle your leads for you.

Of course, the question in business is not whether or not something is expensive, but whether or not it's a good investment. If you're just looking at the price tag, HubSpot is an automated program, so of course, it costs less than paying a team of skilled professionals to do the job for you, just as it costs less money to open up Photoshop put an "oil painting" filter on a family photo than it does to hire an artist to actually paint a family portrait.

But we're not talking about price tag, we're talking about payoff. How, and when, does HubSpot pay off, vs. how, and when, do B2B lead generation companies pay off? Let's consider a few basic points:

HubSpot vs. B2B Lead Generation Companies

  • HubSpot can take months to pay off. Some of the HubSpot success stories involve entrepreneurs chipping away at the market for eight, nine, ten months before generating any serious leads. Generating quality leads can take time no matter how you approach it, but it may be a little concerning that ten months counts as a success story for HubSpot.
  • It doesn't just cost money. Besides the monthly cost of using HubSpot, you're also putting in maybe six to ten hours a week trying to get results out of the software. This is a lot of time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere.

  • Automated marketing software is most useful for companies that simply don't have the budget for professional lead generation. Once you've grown enough to suspend HubSpot for professional services, there's not much reason not to.

  • Lead generation is rarely instantaneous, even with a top notch team working for you. But, the manual approach, when taken by the right professionals, can take considerably less time to pay off than with automated software.

  • When you pay for professional lead generation, you earn an immediate ROI in the form of time and effort that you don't have to spend generating your own leads.

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Generate Qualified B2B Leads
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