Selling Social Selling to Others In Your Company: the DO'S and DON'TS

Posted by George Irish on April 29, 2016


Not everyone understands or believes in the value of social selling. Perhaps they are too busy to learn a new process, or just want to stick to the sales tactics they have always used. Whatever the reason, executing social selling strategies can run into big obstacles.

Since it is such a powerful tool to attract and engage customers, it pays for proponents of social selling to take steps to "sell" it to the ones in the company who don't quite embrace it. If you see the benefits of social selling, but your powers-that-be haven't grasped it yet, here are some DO'S and DON'TS to sell social selling.

DO your homework. You need to be comfortable with social selling and how it works before you attempt to explain it to someone less informed. Familiarize yourself with multiple social platforms, and make certain you comprehend the benefits of social selling before you broach the subject with others.

DONT be vague. "We should use LinkedIn more" is not effectively selling social selling. Meet with your counterparts and tell them exactly why they should take a closer look at social selling. Give them numbers and examples when possible.

DO lay out a plan. Walk them through the process of social selling, and show them how setting up profiles, engaging on social media, and sharing content leverages your branding and reach. This part of your strategy is key and should go a long way to sell them on social selling.

DON'T forget measurable metrics. Key performance indicators are crucial in showing social selling's performance. Make certain to include points where they will be able to measure exactly what social selling achieves. Website traffic, conversion, webinar attendees, and content shares are all great metrics.

DO be realistic. While social selling has the ability to amplify your marketing efforts, it's not a magic pill. An updated profile and a few posts won't automatically double your revenue. Discuss how social selling will complement and enhance your efforts without going overboard.

Social selling may require some, well, selling to your team members and leaders. By being prepared and laying out a detailed plan with measurable goals, you will likely bring them around to your way of thinking. Your company will be able to enjoy increased lead generation from your forward-thinking, heroic efforts!


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