Social Selling Is Revolutionizing B2B Sales Today

Posted by George Irish on October 1, 2015


From the time the cave man opened his first rock carving shop (okay, we are making this up), there has been selling. While the main goal of getting someone to realize they need your product or service is still the same, the modes of selling constantly evolve. What worked great ten years ago would flop in a major way today. Marketers who keep their fingers on the pulse of selling trends stay ahead of the game, and on top of their industry.

More seasoned sales people probably remember driving in their cars with maps, and stopping to make phone calls at phone booths. Wow, how times have changed! From the cell phone to email, selling tactics emerge constantly to promote efficiency. The latest is social selling.

B2B companies enjoy powerfully successful rewards when they do social selling right. Connecting with potential customers on social media networks allows businesses to engage with their prospects in ways never thought possible. There are three crucial reasons to make social selling lead generation your competitive differentiator.

First, social selling offers a way to reach a wider audience.

A strategic marketing approach is to be present where your potential targets go for information. Sharing on social media channels allows your buyers to find you read your valuable, relevant content. From there, your content leads them back to your website, where they hopefully find enough value in your message to become a lead. Social selling is less time consuming on a per-person-reach than more traditional selling methods.

Also, social selling provides a channel for a consistent branding message. Laying out a content calendar builds your brand's foundation. Shared content that's created with the same voice offers a consistent message potential buyers are more likely to remember.

Finally, selling through social media forges a stronger, less salesy connection to your buyers. Nobody enjoys being subjected to hard sell tactics. When prospects discover your company through a blog that helps them address a pain point, you create value that they will then relate back to your brand. Even an old school savvy sales person cannot create a connection with a lead as fast as social selling.

Social selling is revolutionizing B2B sales today in a number of positive ways. Putting it to work for you as part of your marketing strategy will generate a higher number of qualified B2B sales leads with minimal extra effort.

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