Social Selling Is the Future of Lead Generation, and the Future Is Now

Posted by George Irish on June 28, 2016


Long-range success is all about being able to evolve and adapt. Those who do it well thrive, and those that don't, falter. Social selling is a key component in the modern day sales environment that drives new sales opportunities, and has emerged from "something to do if you have time" to "necessity." If your company isn't participating in social selling, you are absolutely missing valuable leads and potential new business. 

Whether you have immersed yourself in selling socially or have yet to dip your toe in the vast ocean of its potential, here are four important points that will vitalize your efforts. 

Be authentic. Take the time to build a natural, real profile and maintain a true presence. Don't make false claims about your areas of expertise. Use normal-sized words and basic language. Show your personality and what you offer in a personable, relatable manner. Trust us, people smell a  line a mile away. 

Step out of your comfort zone. Not comfortable with technology? Set aside a couple of hours a week to hone your skills. Nervous about reaching out to prospects socially? Opt to start with current relationships to help secure introductions. By removing your barriers, you create the potential to expand your reach enormously. 

Study your targets. Before a hunter bags a deer, he scopes out his spot, tracks their movements, and finds a good viewpoint. You should do the same with your potential leads. Research each one to uncover specific information before reaching out to them. That way you are more inclined to be able to offer up something they will find valuable and relevant, which moves you beyond "just another sales person." 

Cultivate your connections. Don't immediately jump into sales speak one you have a lead's attention. Attempt to bond with them by using communication and continuing to dole out your expertise. Once they view you as a trusted advisor, slowly bring a sales conversation into the mix. 

Getting onboard with social selling is one of the most powerful and effective ways to fill your pipeline, reach your sales goals, and put money in your pocket. Delaying only lets your competition catch up and get ahead of you.  Practice these tips and a little patience, and you are certain to see unmatched sales results from your efforts. 

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