Software Sales Ideas Pieces Of The Pie: Your Guide To Segmenting Lead Lists

Posted by George Irish on May 28, 2015


A big, flaky piece of pie is so tasty. An entire pie, however, would make anyone toss their cookies.

It is the same for lead lists. Once marketers generate qualified B2B leads, the work is not done. In order to move them through the buyer's journey, the list must be effectively segmented. Otherwise your marketing message will be generic and hit home to no one. Here are a few ideas on how to segment your leads list.

Segment by event

Software sales ideas often include attending industry events. Trade shows are a great example of this type of segmentation. The contacts established during a trade show can be filed under their own list. That way, savvy marketers can create messages around the focus of the show that are very relevant to the list's contacts.

Segment by title

Common software sales ideas include calling on different levels within the same company. Different employees find different aspects of your product valuable. Solve this issue by segmenting your prospect lists by title, so your message really hits home to each of its audience members.

Segment by industry

When executing a lead nurturing program on verticals, it can be extremely effective to segment the qualified B2B lead list by industry. On the nose material such as customer testimonials within that specific industry are powerful tools that will push leads through the sales funnel.

Segment by geographic location

Marketers who are implementing targeted campaigns to nurture leads within a certain area can segment leads by geographic locations. An example of when this is a good idea would be if a new sales person has been hired to bring on business in a specified territory. These messages can be created to bring impactful messages to leads within a certain city, state, or region.

After the marketing team's efforts to generate qualified B2B sales leads has been successful, it's critical to segment those leads into workable lists. The more refined a segmentation, the more compelling and valuable the message becomes.

So get out those leads and slice them up. It won't be long before your software sales ideas take shape, clients start rolling in, and your company can enjoy a bigger piece of the pie!

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