Stop B2B Telemarketing Initiatives NOW! 4 Reasons Why

Posted by George Irish on August 12, 2015


A portion of B2B marketers still employ telemarketing tactics to connect with leads. If you are one of them, there is a better way! Here are four reasons to stop B2B telemarketing now, and essential actions to take that generate more qualified B2B leads.

#1: Telemarketing is annoying.  A call to people who have never heard of you or your company before interrupts their day and puts them on the defensive. An irritated buyer is not someone who listens to your product's features and benefits.

Instead, try this: Content marketing is not annoying, and lets the buyer control the first meeting. Once readers digest a few of your valuable articles, eBooks, and videos, they are more likely to accept your "warm" phone call.

#2: Telemarketing shows little ROI. Highly paid sales people making calls to total strangers is expensive. Even a dedicated B2B telemarketer costs money, and often doesn't bring about the revenue to make it worth a company's while.

Instead, try this: Optimize your website so that people who are in search of your product or service find you. A user-friendly website laid out in a an easily navigable manner offers more impact on the bottom line by allowing the buyer control the process.

#3: Telemarketing is inefficient. For every one person who is ready to buy, telemarketers talk to many who are not.

Instead, try this: Dynamic landing pages with short forms offer a better solution to reaching qualified B2B leads. When a site visitor completes a form, your company knows they have at least some level of interest in your product or service. This solution is more targeted tp reach buyers who are in purchase mode.

#4: Shows no value. A professional B2B telemarketer's goal is to close business, and the recipient of that call is left wondering what value the caller brings to the table. Smart buyers still perform research on your company before making a decision.

Instead, try this: Employ social media and share important pieces of information to show your expertise, and your edge over the competition. When buyers find you, they will experience value first, making them more comfortable to buy.

Do yourself and your bottom line a favor and dig into alternatives to telemarketing. Opting for other forms of B2B lead generation provides your prospects with a more productive, less annoying buying experience.

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Generate Qualified B2B Leads
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