IP Targeting as the Newest Way to Ensure B2B Success

Posted by George Irish on December 13, 2016

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If you're looking to increase the ROI of your campaigns, there are a number of ways you can go about it. You can be sure to choose a holistic, commercially-focused way that is focused primarily on marketing mix modeling, using IP targeting to make your move in marketing. This way, as an analytic organization, you'll get a better read on the ROI of your marketing investments. If you use a fact-based marketing solution to increase your ROI, you will see about 40% improvement in your effectiveness at marketing.

There are some things that the marketing of ROI has a need for now, that perhaps it did not have a need for in the past. These things include: increased speed, granularity, and business reporting that is holistic. Now, in today's world, how marketing mix modeling is practiced is different, and the focus is now on commercial effectiveness. This enables a company to focus on better ROI, hands down, and this includes IP targeting. 

This evolution has changed because of data, innovative analytics, and technology. And you too can be part of the exciting change to make sure you have better ROI. But it's complicated, as you can tell. Some things you may need include:

1. More Accurate and More Holistic Marketing Mix Models--You need a mix that will measure analytics across all media, a mix that will measure operations, and a mix that will measure consumer attitudes and other factors, including offline sales and online sales.

2. Integrating Digital Attribution with Customer Data--You need to be able to get a view of "Full Attribution" that enables both top-down and down-up marketing marketing optimization. Some of this data will vary by different factors, including campaign/timing, placement or publisher, duration, and market and audience. If you optimize at this level, you will improve the ROI of each channel.

3. Speed to Insight--You need to embed holistic commercial effectiveness analytics into ongoing projects, so that you can be sure to act quickly with data that you get. With advancements in data automation, this can be done rather effectively. You can test levels at a granular level this time, and get optimized ROI results.

4. Consulting--If you use change management and assimilation steps, you'll be set to unlock many millions of dollars in gains. You need a unified approach to making sure that you get the results you want. You can work closely with marketers and CFOs to get the results you want.

So, if you use business IP targeting or IP targeting as part of your commercial mix for getting to the bottom of how to market, then you're sure to find success.

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