The 3 P's of Recruitment Strategies that Will Show You Are A Genius

Posted by Dolores Gonsalves on July 28, 2015


HR Staffing requires planning, execution, and follow through with recruitment strategies, while simultaneously juggling your other responsibilities. It's enough to make even experienced HR Professionals throw up their hands and hide under their desks.

Fortunately, there are powerful tools available that simplify and electrify recruiting. Take the stress out of recruiting, and show your boss you are a genius, by implementing the three "P's" of recruiting.

Press the mobile advantage. Want applicants to apply via a laptop? What is this, 2002? Younger job seekers frequently look for jobs via tablet or smart phone. Boost your recruitment strategies by promoting job openings in a mobile friendly environment. Test all of your job opening ad campaigns to make certain they attract and engage your target candidates, no matter what device they are using. Embracing mobile technology puts you miles ahead of your competitors in today's recruiting arena.

Provide a unique candidate experience. Hopeful employees are most likely doing research on your company, and expect more than a phone interview with canned questions. Effective HR staffing demands a consistent process layout that offers a look into your company, with its benefits, culture, and opportunities. Utilize multiple channels, email, video conferencing, phone calls, and in-person meetings, to provide a strong and valuable stream of communication between HR and the candidates throughout the recruiting process. Informing and engaging job seekers serves to empower recruiting efforts.

Promote an outsourcing plan. HR staffing must leverage their recruiting message to gain results. That's why staffing agencies are a key component in recruitment strategies. They provide the benefits of a wide audience base of qualified job seekers as well as the ability to reach them quickly. Snag more "A" players by partnering with one or more reputable recruiting companies.

HR staffing is a race against time and competitors to land the best talent in the marketplace. Planning and execution of these three "P's" empowers hiring managers to hire better qualified candidates in less time than other, more traditional approaches. Show your boss you are a genius by forging a strategy that implements each of these points, and bring your dreams of an outstanding recruiting process to fruition.

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