The 411: Social Selling All Salespeople Need to Understand

Posted by George Irish on October 7, 2016


With hundreds of tasks on their plate and a seemingly unattainable goal over their heads, it's easy to understand why 100-mile-an-hour salespeople don't automatically stop to embrace and learn new ideas. What if it's a waste of time? What if it shows little return on investment (ROI). 

Social selling may seem like such an obstacle. Who has the time to build a profile, share information, and connect with potential buyers? Why would a successful sales person disrupt their groove for something that's unproven?

The answer is because it works. Better. Faster. Smarter.

Social selling is not completely new, but it is a different way to reach and connect with prospects than traditional sales methods. It's a powerful tool that elevates a sales person into a trusted expert, a reliable partner. 

Studies show that sales professional who commit to social selling achieve a 66% greater quota attainment than those who only employ the sales methods of old. 

The reason for such success is simple, In fact, we have three:

#1: Selling on the buyer's terms. Social selling empowers the buyer to research products or services before the actual "sales process" begins. Greater buyer confidence enriches the entire experience, which creates satisfaction, which build trust. And the sales person's commissions. 

#2: Sharing power. A sales person may drive around all day making cold calls, or sit on the phone, and only reach a handful of potential leads. One smartly posted, relevant blog can travel from a sales person to hundreds, even thousands, of prospects. The reach of social selling leverages sales' brand and builds their reputation like cold calling never will. 

#3: Kicking competitors in the teeth. Chances are good that a company's main competition has not mastered the social selling dynamic yet. Think about it. This puts sales people who understand and employ social selling miles ahead of their counterparts who are still "bothering" decision makers with sales-oriented calling, emailing, and dropping in. Who doesn't want to trounce their competition and gain more market share? 

If you are a sales person who has yet to cozy up to a smart social selling strategy, the time is now! Commit to regularly sharing and connecting on social platforms, and you will see your prospect base grow, your sales cycles decrease, and your goals explode. 

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